What is PTSD? How does it work?

PTSD(Post-traumatic stress disorder) is a psychiatric disorder that comes after a person experiences a traumatic or life-threatening event such as kidnapping, terror attack or an accident. There are two types of treatment for PTSD;

  • Psychotherapy, which is the use of psychological methods on personal and regular interactions, through a therapist.
  • Use of antidepressants.

These methods have not proven to treat PTSD completely over the years, hence the emergence of magic mushroom research as a possible cure for PTSD. 

Here is how it works.

How does it work?

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that acts by stimulating nerve cell regrowth in parts of the brain responsible for emotion and memory. It simply stimulates the growth and repair of brain cells in the hippocampus, which is the brain’s center for emotions and memory. Psilocybin can definitely help break the traumatic cycle that occurs in patients with PTSD, as it quickly brings relief from distress. When combined with other treatments such as therapy, patients can have more energy and can engage in external activities, relate well with family members and perform better at work and school.

Why use it as a cure for PTSD?

Over the years, researchers have been looking into magic mushroom uses to treat PTSD, and it has not let us down as there have been a lot of positive outcomes. So why consider this drug over all the other cures?

  • The magic mushroom is not chemically addictive like other drugs- Being chemically addictive is when the cells of someone’s body cannot function without a particular drug. Psilocybin does not have this characteristic, thus giving it a great headstart.
  • Patients go through experiences that are intense and meaningful under the influence of psychedelics, and this may shift their mindset causing them to behave differently.
  • Patients become more responsive to positive suggestions from a therapist when this drug has been administered to them.
  • Psilocybin act on chemical messengers in the brain known as neurotransmitters, to change the brain’s behavior and improve mood.

Effects of psilocybin

  • Euphoria.
  • Distorted thinking.
  • Peacefulness.
  • Visual alteration and distortion.
  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Dizziness.
  • Change of emotions.
  • Disengagement from surroundings.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Confusion.
  • Impaired concentration.

The effects vary between people in terms of their differences in mental state, the personality of the user, and the environment in which they use the drug. Most people use psilocybin as an addictive drug due to some of the effects that come with it such as the feeling of euphoria, but most of its other effects are the reason it has been considered as a treatment for PTSD.


  • Bad trip experiences- This is where the patient has a scary experience when they feel the psychoactive effects of the drug, especially when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This is however based on the environment and feeling the patient is in when they enter the trip. When they enter an anxious state of mind, their anxiety is likely to be heightened on their trip. 
  • There is a risk of poisoning if one of the many varieties of poisonous mushrooms is confused with a psilocybin mushroom.
  • The patient is likely to experience flashbacks and this may be dangerous especially when driving a motor vehicle.


While other treatments are falling short day by day, micro dosing tips for mushrooms , magic mushroom uses to treat PTSD is rising and is being greatly considered as the better cure, and although it is still being tested in clinical trials, the magic mushroom has already been accepted as the better drug.

Combination of THC/CBD extracts

Have you ever wondered why many countries have begun to legalize weed (also known as cannabis)? Uses of cannabis to treat chronic pain is one of the reasons.

Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain

Weed, also known as cannabis, is among the common drugs discouraged in many countries. The drug cause more significant harm to the human body if wrongly used. The abuse of the weed contributed to the burn of this drug. The good news is, cannabis is as well of essential medically if used appropriately. Extracts from cannabis can cure many medical conditions. Our primary focus in this article is; Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain.

THC extract

THC  product from the cannabis is in either an Oral capsule taken orally or oral mucosal spray. Studies on THC extract suggested that THC extract treats pain conditions such as fibromyalgia pain, multiple sclerosis-related pain, Central neuropathic-related pain, and mixed chronic non-Cancer-related pain. For patients with multiple sclerosis-related pain, studies suggested these patients should take a total dosage of between 2.5mg and 120mg daily in a period of between two days and twelve weeks. On the other hand, in managing neuropathic-related pain, a total dosage of 129.6mg(maximum) for two weeks and in managing fibromyalgia-related pain, patients should take a total dosage of between 2.5mg and 15mg daily for 12 weeks. Thanks to enough research done on weed. Cannabis uses to treat chronic pain are accurate and of great help.

CBD extract

 Research done about the importance of weed prove that cannabis uses to treat chronic pain is genuine. CBD, an extract of cannabis, is either a spray used sublingually or as capsules used orally. In studies conducted, CBD treats generalized chronic non-cancer pain. Patient with generalized chronic non-cancer pain takes a total dosage of between 25mg and 150mg daily for 12 weeks.

Combination of THC/CBD extracts

Additionally, cannabis uses to treat chronic pain is among the therapies embraced by many countries. Studies on cannabis suggest that the combination of THC/CBD treats multiple sclerosis pain, Parkinson’s association pain, mixed neuropathic pain, and chronic none cancer-related pain. Patients using THC/CBD drugs use either sublingual or oral routes. For chronic non-cancer pain, patients should take a dosage of between 2.5mg THC/2.5mg CBD and 97.5mg THC/97.5mg CBD for a period of between four to 12 weeks.


Patients taking Dronabinol use the drug either sublingually or orally. Studies suggest that Dronabinol treats neuropathic, fibromyalgia, and chronic non-cancer pain. For chronic non-cancer pain, patients use a total dosage of between 2.5mg and 60mg daily for a period of between one day to one hundred and fifty-six weeks. For neuropathic pain, patients should take a total dosage of between 2.5mg and 25mg for a period of between twenty days and eight weeks.


Nabilone product is taken orally. Studies suggest that Nabilone treats fibromyalgia pain and chronic non-cancer pain. For neuropathic pain, patients take a total dosage of between 0.25mg and 4mg daily for a period of between four and nine weeks while for fibromyalgia, patients take a total dosage of between 0.5mg and 2mg in a period of between two and four weeks.

To conclude, it is evident that cannabis is of great importance if used appropriately. It is, therefore, high time for different countries to embrace cannabis and legalize it. Let us unite and stop the abuse of cannabis.

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What to Check for While Choosing the Best Frozen Food Delivery Services

Having the best meal for a day is all you need to keep you strong and healthy. When the meal is cooked and fully assembled for you is the best feeling ever, all you need is to warm it in the oven, microwave, or any other warming means you may prefer. Frozen food delivery services offer these plans for you; it’s only a matter of choosing the best company. Here are some of the key features to check while choosing the best company to offer this service. 


The price of the meal you prefer to order can be determined by quality, quantity, and transport. Food that is highly processed can be costly; customers order food according to their preferred nutritional value, while some suffer from deficiency diseases and can not go for a regular balanced diet. For example, a customer may order from the diabetes menu while others order from the balanced vegetarian menu. These plans plus others may differ in prices. 

Frozen food delivery services may also check the amount of the meal ordered per day or per week; some companies offer discounts for customers ordering large meals or doing frequent food orders. 

There is also an additional service delivery fee which will always depend on how far the needy customer is from the service delivering company, that is, the location. The size of the order will also affect the delivery fees. 


Food processing is a very delicate method and needs to be handled with a lot of care; foods can cause death, sickness, and even allergies. Some customers prefer providing ingredients and liquid for their food preparation; others will give you a prescription of the ingredients to be used, while others will go for any delicacy as long as it is tasty. The best frozen food delivery services will check on the customer’s demand and provide the exact meal ordered to keep their customers healthy and ensure retention. 

The best company will also know how to deliver food to customers with chronic conditions, diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Such foods may be gluten-free, sugar-free, less protein, healthy fat or calories free, and a balanced meal overall. They will measure the grams needed as per customer requirements. 


Most customers order meals from frozen food delivery services companies. The main reason is they cannot get time to prepare and cook food on their own. How convenient the company provides its services will make customers choose it at a go. The packaging plan will also be an important factor to the customer; some may be long-term while others are short-term packages. Keeping promises and delivering on time assures your customers have trust in your services. 

Some of the customers order food from frozen meals delivery services for events like housewarming, new parent, birthday and many other ceremonies which will need a company sure of delivering on time, a customer that will rely on your company must have a good reputation on convenience without delay. 

In conclusion, choose from the best-frozen meal companies by the use of this guide. This company provides quality ingredients, packaging, sustainability, and the best price for you before seeking delivery services. 

Foods that fit customers’ nutritional needs and a company with varieties of food to choose from for preference and dietary are the best to pick off. 

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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a psychedelic pro drug compound produced by many fungi species. It is normally converted by the body to psilosin when ingested. Microdosing is taking small amounts of a drug to test its physiological action, and minimize it’s undesirable side effects at the same time ShroomHub

Benefits of Microdosing Psilocybin 

Users have the ability to control dosage and the side effects of the drug. 

It reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It has worked well for people who used it as a therapy for depression. 

Microdosing improves brain functionality. 

Microdosers have claimed to have been more creative while microdosing due to its increased focus and reducing stress nature. 

Microdosing has helped addicts quit alcohol, and smoking. Some users have even found simple stimulus like coffee unnecessary when microdosing. 

It improves wakefulness, and stimulation while improving one’s energy. 

It reduces anxiety hence improving mental health. 

Researchers have proven psilocybin to be capable of treating different types of behavioral and psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction, cluster headache, and cancer. 

Full dose has exposed users to psychological effects compared to microdosing. This is because microdosing involves taking the medication in small doses. 

Risks Involved in Microdosing Psilocybin 

Some users have encountered undesirable side effects. 

Reduced energy, and mood swings while not on dosage. 

Continuous microdosing may result to unwanted side effects like migraines, difficulty in sleeping, and physical side effects. 

Psilocybin has serious side effects such as vomiting, paranoia hallucinations, derealization, and distressing thoughts. This can get worse with overtime use. 

Long term use has been associated with serious cardiovascular risks that changed the shape of heart valves. 

Microdosing illegal in some countries hence limited or no knowledge. There may not be any psychotherapists available for guidance. Patients also have no access to these treatments unless they are enrolled for experiments. This exercise has still not been proven medically. 

Most studies conclusions have been based on single doses leaving a gap on complete report in case of long term use. 

Microdosing can result to addiction making users to be fully dependent on the drug. It is good to note that microdosing does not address the negative effects of consistent use of drugs. 

Users can develop tolerance for the drug die to long term use despite the drug being harmful. 

The usage of microdosing has been said to have been influenced by other users stories on social media platforms which should be testified through medical grounds instead. 

Extensive research needs to be done to establish how microdosing works, and the potential risks, and effects of microdosing. Until the research is done, completed, and approved we can not ascertain its effectiveness and safety. 

However, it might take more years of research before microdosing mechanism as a form of medication is formally, and legally approved. 

What pawn shops are all about

Pawnshops have recently gained so much popularity when it comes to the money lending sector. Due to this, many pawnshops have been opened to offer this service to the public. Some of the factors that have made pawn shops so popular include; it is easy and fast to obtain loans from pawnshops, low-interest rates, and no great consequences incurred if you are unable to pay the loan. 

  1. Getting the loan. 

Firstly, for you to acquire a loan from a pawnshops, you must have some leverage. Preferably, you can choose to give jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, or any other valuable item. After you get the item you want to take to the pawnshop, you can now approach the pawnbroker who will verify how much money the item you offer is capable of acquiring. In most cases, the pawnbroker is ready to give a third of what the item costs.  

To make sure that the item you bring is not stolen, the pawnbroker is allowed to ask questions about the item and also examine its condition. Furthermore, you may be required to show your national identification card or any other official document. After the pawnbroker verifies that the item is valuable and genuine, then you can discuss the amount you want to be given while considering the range in which the pawnbroker gives you.  

When everything is settled, you will receive the agreed loan and also be given a pawn ticket. In this ticket, details of your item or pawn are indicated, the expiry date of the ticket given, and the fees involved with the loan. In short, this ticket holds the terms of the loan. Therefore, this ticket should be safely kept until the agreed time when you are supposed to retrieve your item by paying the loan and the interest accumulated. 

  1. Interest rates.  

According to research, the interest rates given by pawnshops all over the globe range from 4% to 25% per month. However, these interest rates have been declining as a result of the many pawn shops that are now available. These interest rates are relatively small compared to those of large lending institutions like banks. 

  1. Loan payment. 

The loan given in pawnshops can be paid in various ways. You can pay your loan monthly to renew your pawn ticket, pay the full amount plus the interest and retrieve your item or you can fail to return the loan and lose your item. From well-sourced information, it is clear that only 65% of the people who take loans from pawn shops recover their items.