What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is a psychedelic pro drug compound produced by many fungi species. It is normally converted by the body to psilosin when ingested. Microdosing is taking small amounts of a drug to test its physiological action, and minimize it’s undesirable side effects at the same time ShroomHub

Benefits of Microdosing Psilocybin 

Users have the ability to control dosage and the side effects of the drug. 

It reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It has worked well for people who used it as a therapy for depression. 

Microdosing improves brain functionality. 

Microdosers have claimed to have been more creative while microdosing due to its increased focus and reducing stress nature. 

Microdosing has helped addicts quit alcohol, and smoking. Some users have even found simple stimulus like coffee unnecessary when microdosing. 

It improves wakefulness, and stimulation while improving one’s energy. 

It reduces anxiety hence improving mental health. 

Researchers have proven psilocybin to be capable of treating different types of behavioral and psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction, cluster headache, and cancer. 

Full dose has exposed users to psychological effects compared to microdosing. This is because microdosing involves taking the medication in small doses. 

Risks Involved in Microdosing Psilocybin 

Some users have encountered undesirable side effects. 

Reduced energy, and mood swings while not on dosage. 

Continuous microdosing may result to unwanted side effects like migraines, difficulty in sleeping, and physical side effects. 

Psilocybin has serious side effects such as vomiting, paranoia hallucinations, derealization, and distressing thoughts. This can get worse with overtime use. 

Long term use has been associated with serious cardiovascular risks that changed the shape of heart valves. 

Microdosing illegal in some countries hence limited or no knowledge. There may not be any psychotherapists available for guidance. Patients also have no access to these treatments unless they are enrolled for experiments. This exercise has still not been proven medically. 

Most studies conclusions have been based on single doses leaving a gap on complete report in case of long term use. 

Microdosing can result to addiction making users to be fully dependent on the drug. It is good to note that microdosing does not address the negative effects of consistent use of drugs. 

Users can develop tolerance for the drug die to long term use despite the drug being harmful. 

The usage of microdosing has been said to have been influenced by other users stories on social media platforms which should be testified through medical grounds instead. 

Extensive research needs to be done to establish how microdosing works, and the potential risks, and effects of microdosing. Until the research is done, completed, and approved we can not ascertain its effectiveness and safety. 

However, it might take more years of research before microdosing mechanism as a form of medication is formally, and legally approved. 

What pawn shops are all about

Pawnshops have recently gained so much popularity when it comes to the money lending sector. Due to this, many pawnshops have been opened to offer this service to the public. Some of the factors that have made pawn shops so popular include; it is easy and fast to obtain loans from pawnshops, low-interest rates, and no great consequences incurred if you are unable to pay the loan. 

  1. Getting the loan. 

Firstly, for you to acquire a loan from a pawnshops, you must have some leverage. Preferably, you can choose to give jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, or any other valuable item. After you get the item you want to take to the pawnshop, you can now approach the pawnbroker who will verify how much money the item you offer is capable of acquiring. In most cases, the pawnbroker is ready to give a third of what the item costs.  

To make sure that the item you bring is not stolen, the pawnbroker is allowed to ask questions about the item and also examine its condition. Furthermore, you may be required to show your national identification card or any other official document. After the pawnbroker verifies that the item is valuable and genuine, then you can discuss the amount you want to be given while considering the range in which the pawnbroker gives you.  

When everything is settled, you will receive the agreed loan and also be given a pawn ticket. In this ticket, details of your item or pawn are indicated, the expiry date of the ticket given, and the fees involved with the loan. In short, this ticket holds the terms of the loan. Therefore, this ticket should be safely kept until the agreed time when you are supposed to retrieve your item by paying the loan and the interest accumulated. 

  1. Interest rates.  

According to research, the interest rates given by pawnshops all over the globe range from 4% to 25% per month. However, these interest rates have been declining as a result of the many pawn shops that are now available. These interest rates are relatively small compared to those of large lending institutions like banks. 

  1. Loan payment. 

The loan given in pawnshops can be paid in various ways. You can pay your loan monthly to renew your pawn ticket, pay the full amount plus the interest and retrieve your item or you can fail to return the loan and lose your item. From well-sourced information, it is clear that only 65% of the people who take loans from pawn shops recover their items.